BHS Jazz Audition Results for 2017-2018 School Year

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Hello Berkeley High School Musicians,

Thank you so much for your interest in BHS jazz, and to so many of you for preparing beautifully for your auditions. I am deeply impressed with your skill and commitment!

This year 130 students auditioned for BHS Jazz classes, a new record. I know that at this moment some of you are pleased with your placements for the 2017- 2018 school year, and others of you are disappointed. Please allow me to explain a little bit about factors that influenced the audition results. In doing so I hope to add more meaning to the information you have just received. I will also give you some info about what to do if I was not able to find a place for you in a BHS Jazz class this year.

The process of figuring out where to place everyone who wants to be in a jazz class is a huge puzzle that I take very seriously. I talk extensively with the audition judges, with our BHS Jazz sectional leaders, and with the BUSD middle school music teachers. I try to make placements that are as fair as possible, and of course I hope that everyone will find themselves in a class that makes them happy. However, it is simply not possible, mathematically, to put everyone in the class they would most like.

The ideal instrumentation for a jazz big band is 5 saxes, 4 trombones, 5 trumpets, 1 piano, 1 guitar, 1 vibes, 1 bass, 1 drummer and 1 percussionist. That’s 20 students in each class.

I have augmented every class to include more than this number of students, and indeed more students than most jazz band directors accept into their bands. However, at a certain point adding more students creates bands that sound worse and classes in which students are sitting around rather than playing. And so, once again, in keeping reasonable class sizes with an instrumentation that supports our bands sounding good together, I have not found a place for every musician who would like to be in a jazz band next year.

The good news is that at BHS we have two fine concert bands in addition to the jazz program. For students who are not deeply drawn to the art of improvisation, playing in concert band is frankly a more appropriate placement. Ms. Wells, our band director, is one of the best teachers at Berkeley High School, and any young musician would be lucky to be in her band. The “O” period concert band has unlimited instrumentation – EVERYONE can be in that class.

If you do not find your name on a class roster for BHS Jazz this year, I urge you to sign up for Ms. Wells’ 0 period concert band. You’ll have a great time, gain skill, and find a wonderful community of friends. If at the end of the year you would like to audition again for BHS Jazz, please do! If you would like to be placed in Concert Band, please email Ms. Wells at, and she will work to get your schedule switched around to include this class.

Because of the ongoing difficulty of finding enough spots for everyone in BHS Jazz classes, I have converted Jazz Lab I (the Three O’Clock Band) into a ONE YEAR CLASS which, in most cases, can not be repeated (the exception, this year, being rhythm section players). This leaves more space for incoming freshmen and those who would like to transfer over from the Band and Orchestra program, but at the same time it means that some Three O’Clock Band students who would like to continue playing music at BHS will need to transfer over to the Band and Orchestra for the upcoming school year.

One last piece of information about the band lists on the website: you will notice that we still need one or two more trombone for our Jazz Lab I class. If you are interested in learning to play the trombone over the summer so that you can be included in Jazz Lab I, please email me at Students likely to be successful at making the transition will already be good at reading music, have a strong work ethic (because it will take a lot of work!), and be really interested in playing in what is shaping up to be a wonderful band.

I’ve written a lot above aimed at folks who are not happy with their audition results. If you ARE happy with your 2017 -2018 jazz placement, please do not take this year’s success as a sign that you can safely rest on your laurels. Your placement is for ONE YEAR ONLY. Every year the competition is stronger, and this year’s incoming freshmen are very, very good. I have no doubt that they will work hard to move up to higher level bands in the future.

Once students get into classes my tendency is to de-emphasize competition and emphasize cooperation; after all, at that point we are a band, and we need to learn how to support one another to take risks, and grow together as a group. Some people find this orientation confusing when auditions come around – they believe that because they have played our band music reasonably well and are good band citizens, they deserve to be moved up, or to at least stay at the same level.

However, the current level of competition on every instrument makes automatic promotion, or even automatic continued membership in the same band, impossible. Unless you are actively improving, quite possibly above and beyond the musical expectations of our class, there is a good chance that another student who is very hungry, is practicing a ton, is taking private lessons and following his/her teacher’s directions, and is listening to jazz extensively, will beat you out in the next round of auditions.

Thank you all again – I know the audition process is difficult, and I appreciate all the hard work you all put into it. I hope to see all of you, either in my classes, or in the hallways of the music building as you head to your class with Ms. Wells.


Sarah Cline
Jazz Director
Berkeley High School



Jazz Ensemble

The first concert for the 2017 – 18 jazz ensemble will be JUNE 16th at BHS graduation. We will arrive at the Greek Theater at 4 p.m. and be finished by 6 p.m. There will be ONE rehearsal for this concert, on Tuesday June 13th 1:10- 2:10 p.m. in A205

ALSO, parents please attend our Jazz Association meeting this coming Monday, June 12th, 7:15 in A205. For Jazz Ensemble families, this is a “mandatory” meeting as the 2018 Cuba trip will be discussed after the general meeting.


Guitar: Gabriel Wallin
Piano: Graham Messer, Isaiah Hammer
Vibes: Anna Bettendorf
Bass: Lev Ami
Drums: Oliver Cooper, Pepe Tekpa
Percussion: Dash Goss-Post


Flute: Kyra Teigen
Lead Alto/Alto 2: Zev Marx-Kahn
Lead Alto/Alto 2: Quinn Rocklinone
Tenor 1: Gavin Jeanes
Tenor 2: Benji Forest
Bari: Noah Dilworth


Lead Trumpet: Isaiah Hammer
Trumpet 2: Max Nierlich
Trumpet 3: Aidan Price
Trumpet 4: Jose Tamayo
Trumpet 5: Sebastian Jeanes


Lead Trombone: Mabel Smith
Trombone 2: Aidan Mark
Trombone 3: Owen Keaveney
Bass bones: Niko Bjork & Syrus Letson



Two O’Clock Band

Parents, please attend our Jazz Association meeting this coming Monday, June 12th, 7:15 in A205!


Guitars: Niko Vavloukis, Dylan Goetting
Piano: Leo Zurita, Krissy Haynes, Kaelen Russell
Bass: Katia Leitner, Niko Vavloukis
Drums: Mateo David, Anthony Rio


Lead Alto: Josie Wallin, Tomoki Simmons
2nd Alto: Zo Pancoast, Genna Saldanha (+ clarinet)
Lead Tenor: Jasper Reynolds, Benyamin Uribe
2nd Tenors: Harpeth Lee, Sophia Killebrew
Bari: Lydia Crook, Fifi Barash
Violin: Ana Jeanloz


Lead: Saul Chaplin
2nd: Aviv Schifrin
3rd: Willie Wertheimer
4th: Zander Peterson
5th: Claire Dresser
6th: Olena Gomez
6th: Satchi Metaxas


Lead – Zane Chaplin
2nd – Diego Barragan
3rd: Sam Cope & Ben Seashore-Hobson
bass: Tyrone Bass



Four O’Clock Band

Parents, please attend our Jazz Association meeting this coming Monday, June 12th, 7:15 in A205!


Guitar: Jeremy Hansen
Piano: Sebastiaan van Hout, Miles Bishop
Bass: Ruthie Jandra, Jack Egawa
Drums: Liam Ereneta, Dash Goss-Post


Lead Alto: Manni Spicer, Eliot Mark (+ flute)
2nd Alto: Ananya Goenka (+ flute), Will McClean (+ clarinet)
Lead Tenor: Calvin Beeman-Weber
2nd Tenor: Giacomo DiDomenic, Lucas K-V (+ clarinet),
Bari: Fabio Hornischer
Violin: Natasha Bashore-Walker


Lead – Luca Spycher,
2nd: Max Davidoff
3rd: Naledi Wiberg
4th: Lucas Fernandez-Kim
5th: Julian Paszty
6th: Eli Slovoda


Lead: Diego Fernandez-Kim
2nd: Sebastian Barboza
3rd: Natalie Anderson,
bass: Giselle Rivera, Nicholas Riefenstein



Three O’Clock Band

Parents, please attend our Jazz Association meeting this coming Monday, June 12th, 7:15 in A205!


Guitar: Tariq George, Bodhi
Piano: Nick Wrubel, Adam Sedlak
Bass: Camilo Grimm, Leo Nordman, Marshall Drake
Drums: Zev Walker, Darshan Kamenetsky, Elijah Gibbs


Altos: Caitlin Brown, Gregory Saldanha, Darshan Kamenetsky
Tenors: Laurel Fink, Ethan Sheanin, Andy Zhang, Rabiah Kabir
Baris: Isabel Augustine, Lucas Elliott


Lewis Whitehill, Devin Fike, Jovi Tseng, AiDe Hardwerker, Sam Saxe-Taller, Lucas Clarvoe, Adilu Sing-Eisen


Daniel Geitelman
Eli Kleinman
Joey Fern