Links to YouTube Videos viewed in BHS Jazz classes re: African roots of jazz

Yoruba traditional music:

Maasai call and response:

Talking drums of the Ashante Kingdom (excerpt on drums at 30 min)

Danny Slapjazz Barber hambone:

Derique McGee @ Lincoln Center (hambone):

Congo Square – Ken Burns:

Congo Square present day, Luther Gray:

Congo Square, Odadaa!  Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy explore the connection between African music and jazz:

Rosie African American work song:

African American work songs in a Texas prison:

Annie Grace Horn Dodson – Field Call:

No More, My Lawd (work song):

Field Hollers and work songs:

African Roots of the Blues pt. 1: banjo:

African roots of the Blues pt. 2, also banjo:

African roots of the Blues pt. 3, violin-like instrument:

African roots of the Blues pt. 4, diddley bow:

African roots of the Blues pt. 5, talensi fiddle music from Ghana:

African roots of the blues part 6 – Dagomba one string:

Glory 54th infantry pre-battle song:

European American popular and church music around the time jazz emerged

Traditional Appalachian Fiddle:

Shape note singers:

Alabama Sacred Harp Convention:

Traditional Cajun Music – Hippy to-yo:

Iry Le Jeune – Lacassine Special (Cajun):

Legendary Cajun singer Cleoma Falcon:

Early African American Church Music

Negro Spirituals History / Fisk Jubilee Singers:

Fisk Singers and early white gospel:

Early African-American Blues

Skip James – Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues:

Delta & Louisiana Blues – 35 great tracks (various great artists):