Hello and Welcome To BHS Jazz!  Thanks for choosing to audition — I hope the process of preparing is both challenging and fun,  and makes you a better musician.
Please note that all BHS jazz bands have required concerts and festivals, which happen during evenings and weekends.

  • Jazz Ensemble is busy 4 – 5 weekends a year, tours for 8 days (spring of even numbered years), misses 3 – 4 school days for day long field trips, and has an additional 6 or so evening concerts.
  • Lab II bands are busy 2 weekends during the year, miss 2 school days for day long field trips, and have an additional 3 – 4 evening concerts.
  • Lab I band is busy one weekend, misses 1 – 2 school days for field trips, and has an additional 3 evening concerts.
If you cannot commit to these outside-of-the-school day events, do not audition. 

Calendars are handed out on the first day of school.  In June, after audition results are in, I will send you all the dates I know to that point, so you can get those on your family calendars as soon as possible.

BHS Jazz is a participation community – a “band” cannot function without all its players.   In addition, our field trips and performances provide students with great opportunities to bond with each other, to develop their independence, and to grow as artists.

BHS Jazz is currently great because scores of alumni showed up — to concerts, to festivals, to field trips. They worked hard, practiced a ton, played their hearts out, and made lifelong friends in this musical community.  Because they did so, when you step into A205, you feel the energy of decades of musical excellence and artistic exploration.  Because they did so, Berkeley High jazz students today have incredible opportunities, made possible by the reputation built by those who came before you.  Because they did so, when you put “Berkeley High Jazz” on your college applications, your chance of getting into the school of your choice is higher.

When you become a part of our BHS Jazz community, it will be your turn to pay this forward – your hard work, super community membership, great listening, openness to challenges and taking risks and listening to music new to you with an open mind and heart, and your showing up to every concert and festival so that BHS Jazz can share its greatness with our broader community, will all create opportunities for those who come after you.

Please do not think “there is another X player in the band, so it doesn’t matter if I’m at this concert or not”.  Your participation matters.  In the final analysis, all Berkeley High Jazz is, is the sum total of the participation of all its members.
I hope reading this makes you excited rather than worried.  Jump in with both feet!  Berkeley High Jazz is waiting for you!
And if you choose to join us, and I hope that you do, DO NOT EVER ask me if you can get out of any concerts.

The answer is no.

Love to you all, Sarah Cline, BHS Jazz Director

P.S. For those fortunate enough to audition into the 2019 – 2020 Jazz Ensemble, your first required concert will be at GRADUATION 2019, Saturday June 15th in the afternoon (exact hours to follow)