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Q: How do I get a scholarship for lessons?

A: Email for more information. 


Q: Can I do jazz band in all academic schools?

A: Yes, jazz bands are available for all schools. If you are accepted into the program, you will work with the program director and your academic counselor.


Q: How much do I have to practice?

A: It is recommended to practice an hour each day. 


Q: I’m interested in playing music in college. Where do I start? 

A: See our information on College Music Programs.




Q: Does my child need an instrument? 

A: Yes. Instruments are available on loan through BUSD. Visit XXXX (need info) for information. 


Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Your child is required to practice each day, and show up at BHS Jazz events like concerts and shows. 


Q: What if my child plays a sport? 

A: Most jazz bands take place during the school day, with the exception of one class seventh period. 


Q: Is there travel involved?

A: The jazz bands are invited to various festivals, and travel overseas every two years. 


Q: What are the expenses?  

The expenses vary. Many trips are funded by the money that the Berkeley High Jazz Association raises each year. Bigger trips do require some family contribution, but scholarships are available to support students in need. 

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